Lushmellow Bubblegum Pop Lip Butter

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  • 8 grams


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Lushmellow Bubblegum Pop lip butter is a lip care product designed to provide hydration and protection for the lips, with a bubblegum-inspired flavour oilt. Here are its primary characteristics:

  1. Hydration: Contains moisturizing elements that help keep the lips hydrated, preventing dryness and chapping.
  2. Fruity Scent: Offers a sweet and playful bubblegum fragrance, adding a fun and enjoyable element to the lip care routine.
  3. Nourishment: May include vitamins or nourishing ingredients to support lip health and softness.
  4. Protective Barrier: Forms a protective layer on the lips, shielding them from external factors and locking in moisture.
  5. Smooth Application: Provides a smooth and comfortable application, leaving lips feeling soft and supple.

Lushmellow Bubblegum Pop lip butter are a playful and refreshing addition to lip care routines, offering both hydration and a fun, sweet scent reminiscent of bubblegum. They can be applied regularly throughout the day to maintain lip moisture and keep them feeling nourished.


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